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About Me

My Profile:

Name: Michelle Marie Halvorsen, but you can call me Mrs. Halvorsen or just plain “Halvorsen”

Birthday: April 18th

Grade: H.S. Science Teacher

Grew up in: Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota

My Favorite Subject: Biology of course!

My favorite color: Green

What inspires me: Learning new things

What drives me crazy: slow drivers

I am a sucker for: sushi and diet dr. pepper

You’ll never find me: sky-diving—AAAAHHHHHH!

Interesting Fact: I took professional dance lessons from age 3-18

Characteristics: early bird * healthy * loves to exercise * ‘$$ saver’ * polite * kind * sarcastic * witty

Likes: reading * scapbooking * dogs * CSI!!!! * all things science * dancing

Dislikes: drying dishes * scorpions * HOT weather! * people who are narrow-minded

Personal motto (quote):”Do unto others as you would have done unto you”–The Golden Rule

3 Personal Goals for this year:

1. Complete all my coursework and graduate with a master’s degree in Biology!

2. Spend more time with my three nieces

3. Share my love for science with others



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